What is your style?

My style if I was to describe it in three words: Romantic, Natural & Unobtrusive. Romantic because this is a very special and momentous day for you two, I want to capture the love which brought you two together. Natural because just that, I want you to be yourself and that will show more than anything in your final pictures. Unobtrusive so that I’m not in the way but still capture those candid moments. For example when a father's tears runs down his cheeks as he sees his little girl in her wedding dress for the first time.

How much do you charge?

I do not have a set rate for my collections as all weddings are different. Let me explain, location, traveling and time all varies for each wedding. I like to meet with you first so we can go over the details of your wedding day. From this I will customize a collection that will fit your needs and eliminate things you do not want. Plus this gives us the opportunity to get to know each other because on your wedding day, you have enough to worry about. At the end of the session you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Do you do pre-wedding/engagement session?

I do. Pre-wedding, engagement and I’ve always wanted to do a “Trash the Dress” session as well. Let’s do it! Something about after the wedding is said and done, you just want to run freely in your dress without worrying about it getting dirty or to just eat that nice messy burger and get it all over the dress; these would be awesome to look back on!

Do you do Albums and/or Prints?

Yes. We offer these options along with other services for your collection.

When do we expect our pictures?

I take great pride in processing each and every single image I take from your wedding day. I personally do all the editing and so you know it’s not left to someone else. Usually it will take me 3-5 weeks from your wedding date to when you receive a package from me.

Do you have an assistant?

Yes, always! My assistant is also my partner in crime, my wife. She’s always with me on shoots because she gives me that extra set of eyes of a wedding day. Also she is my 2nd shooter, who will help me get other angles I can’t get to and most of the details from your wedding day.

Do you travel?

Yes! I love to travel. I have mainly been a local photographer but I love meeting new people and new places. Travel fees depends on location and date.

What equipment do you use?

I’m a Canon guy (just my personal preference). We shoot with 5D Mark III bodies, and prime lenses coupled with a telephoto lens to get close without being too close. Off camera flashes are used with remote wireless trigger to give a unique look and feel and not those scary RED eyes pictures.

How do we book you?

Before each booking, I love to sit down and discuss the details of your wedding day and also to meet you both for the first time. This will eliminate any awkwardness and we’ll both be more comfortable and relaxed when I show up on your wedding day. I do not hold a date or reserve it for you until a retainer and signed contract is obtained. I book on a first come first serve basis so if you’re ready, I suggest ASAP since dates are not guaranteed and filling up fast.


I've rekindled my love for photography many years ago. Something about witnessing two people confessing their love for one another I find so intimate yet beautiful altogether. That profound feeling resonated with me years later when I married the love of my life, and we haven't looked back since!

I love weddings! One of the things I love most about shooting weddings is that I get to be part of the couple’s special day. With everything going on, the details, the emotions and people, weddings always bring everyone closer together.  It's a joyous occasion, and enjoy it while it last.

My style has always been natural, light and romantic. I like to tell a story through my lens and let my images captivate you. A picture is worth a thousand words, but the emotions captured are priceless.

Weddings are always timeless and so beautiful in its own unique way, which makes my job even more exciting. I really am genuinely happy and excited for all of my clients and looking forward to meeting new ones. Thank you for choosing Mike Phan Photography and can't wait to share your special day!!



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